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Help a little debugger to delete all the bugs in the newest game of his developer. Get an insight into the crazy world of programming, functions and variables. Use program code to defeat your foes. [Status: released, Windows]
7 Dungeons: Legend of the Multipath
Discover seven huge dungeons in this JRPG with a deep puzzle design and huge character interaction. Depending on which hero you choose, the dungeons require different strategies. The game offer a single player story campaign plus a competitive mode for up to four players. [Status: In long-time development for Nintendo Switch and maybe other systems]
Debugger 3.16 // Recoded
The developer messed it up… ONCE AGAIN! Another time Debugger 3.16 have to find and delete all bugs and errors, but this time up to four players can work together to bring back to life all game worlds of the developer. [Status: In development for Nintendo Switch and maybe other systems]
Starlaxis Supernova Edition
Starlaxis means mind-blowing puzzle action in new dimensions! Control your space ships by combining the right Command Codes, overcome dozens of enemies, win challenging boss fights, enjoy different mission goals and SAVE MOTHER EARTH! [ Status: released, Windows ] (click here for more infos)
Rent a developer!
„I show you the basics of prgramming and togehter we create a small game!“ If you‘re interested in starting a coding workshop with me, please contact me: michael@spiderwork-games.com
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